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Design your fantasy bulk vending machine


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I was sitting here thinking about what my Ultimate or Fantasy Bulk Candy Machine would have for features and options. 


Just for fun,  I thought I post my ideas and see if you guys could add to my list.  I know this machine would be costly...


Below are some of my ideas:


1. Micro computer programmable with web based GUI for setting and reports

2. Allow for any coin combination, bill or credit cards to buy product; and provide change.

3. Allow multiple pricing schemes in programming

4. Provide a "call home" feature to report sales, near empty or problems

5. Provide GPS location in case the machine is moved or stolen

6. Provide counters for products sold and dollar amounts

7. Provide display to promote some other product, service, operating instructions or sales information.

8. Accurately vend the selected product by weight,

9. Allow for up to 9 products to sold from same machine. Some modular stacking design.

10. Single locking coin box that swappable for safe and speedy collections.

11. Have attention getting Lights and Sounds come from the machine when someone walks by.

12. Runs on rechargeable batteries and provide up to 40 days of service.

13. Keyless locking/unlocking method.


That all I have now, what can you add?  Remember, this for fun and entertainment only.  Cost is no object :)






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Yeah, your link is sort-of what I was thinking, but with a much smaller foot print :)



Needs to be electrical if do have all these options.

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My Fantasy machine must run on batteries :)

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