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Wow! ATM's making it to Vendiscuss


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Hey all,


It's been a really long time since I logged on, I've been super busy.  I checked my PM's and I have a lot that I haven't responded to.  I'm glad to see ATMs are making the topic base on Vendiscuss. It's been a good business to me.

To everyone that sent me PM's - I'm very sorry I did not return the message.


If anyone is looking to talk about ATMs feel free to drop me an email at todd@newenglndatm.net


A friend of mine and I just started a new business where we focus on processing services and things like wireless boxes, signs, paper and all the things to run an ATM biz.  Without breaking the Vendiscuss advertising rules, I won't go any further, but I can beat Rick's prices on wireless boxes (Although Rick is a stand up guy, can't say anything bad about him.)


I will try to be more active!!!

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