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Original glow machine price


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Wow! That's a steal. Did you buy those machines at an auction?

Ya it was really big this time I guess Gatlinburg is a good place for it. I think the count was 1200 items. I saw fully working cranes 42 inch bring 220. Then I saw non working cranes bring 600.

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just got one at auction for $100 with dba etc.. the mars dba was worth the cost..thats terrible resale value on these things!!


I guess you were at the TN auction this weekend. There was a black one and an orange one. We were thinking that they were some of the ones bought a few auctions ago. Some times that's a bad sign when they come right back. But hey at that price you can't go wrong. If you call big bear for product sit down when they quote you the cost. 300.00 per 300 count. We mix big bear product with cardinal flash balls and led rings 50/50 mix. The 2.2 caps do fine but every so often it will vend two. But they do very well sales wise.

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