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Rainbow Crane OBA board switches


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I'm trying to repair a Sugarloaf Toy Shoppe Rainbow crane. A while ago, the owner was showing it to a potential buyer, but the buyer ended up flipping with the OBA control board switches, and I can't find any information on what default positions those should be set at. If anyone knew, I'd be very appreciative.

If it helps, it's a 2-button time-limit skill crane, and I can post pictures of the current OBA settings if that would help at all.


Thanks a bunch for your time.



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You didn't say which OBA controller you have as there were at least two - p/n 493-1817 (first OBA control box) and the later OBA2. I suspect you have the early one.

On the early p/n 1817 unit the function switches will not be used in all applications. In the Rowe 4900 snack book, switches 1 - 4 are not used, switch 5 is to enable Increased Acceptance if ON, and switch 6 is to enable the Test Function for adjusting the Mag Gain and the Motor Speed Adjust pots.

The later OBA2 controller used none of the switches in the snack application, I beleive.

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