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You are probably low on freon and will need to have a certified vending tech come to recharge it.  This is a typical symptom when ice begins to form on the right side of a DN evaporator and perhaps then grow across the evaporator from right to left.

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Before you spend the big money lets cover the ease things.


1 Shut down the refer unit and melt the ice about 5 hours. Do not poke and pry on the ice as you could damage the coil. Then restart the unit cooling. It is possible the door did not get closed properly and that made the coil freeze over.


2 Check that the drain is not clogged.


3 Check that the flap door is present and operating smoothly.


4 Check that the door gasket is sealing and is not damaged.


5 Check that the T handle and nut are working correctly.


6 Clean the condenser coil.


7 Check the condenser fan is working.


8 Check the evaporator fan is working.


9 Make sure the machine is at least 6 inches from the wall.


10 Make sure no soda or anything else is being stored under the delivery chute.


There is a good chance the unit has a leak but these things should be checked before the unit gets pulled.




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Not having space behind the machine is always going to cause some kind of problems.  Never let your machines get pushed all the way against the wall!  I have had to warn some customers that I would pull the machine if they didn't stop pushing the machine against the wall.

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Try putting a piece of 2x4 alongside the back of the machine... That way even if it gets pushed back it will still be 3.5 inches away from the wall

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