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AMS Glassfront

snack dude

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I have a AMS sensit II Visi-Combo that I picked up and trying to get running

Cooling is good, And I can program it.

But the LCD keeps reading "Out of Service"

If I go to the error messages in program mode It reads "Changer error" Pressing 1 Reads "Communications" 

Same with bill validator

I have tried two different known good validators and changers and still same message

I am now thinking the main processor board because the cable for the changer and validator run to a connector on the board marked MDB

The book suggest checking harness which I have. 

I am throwing it out there am I on the right track or should I hook a tow strap to it and drag it to the scrap yard

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You need to access the error menu to see if it's a sensit error. You may only need to recalibrate the sensors in the options menu if this a Sensit 1 (single scrolling line on your display).

If you do have a Sensit 1 you should consider upgrading the machine to be a Sensit 3 (there are no S2 kits anymore). This upgrade gets you new sensors that don't require calibration. You will also get a new logic board and a new display.

Send me a PM if you need any parts for this or want to upgrade it.

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