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Newbie Has Startup Questions


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I am starting a new honor box vending business. I'm curious where the best place to buy my candy/products is? 

I have read through the forums and read on some you should find out who the local distributor is and buy direct, and others

saying unless you buy in extremely large quantities your local big box store is just as good (ex. BJ's, Costco etc).


I live in central NY and anticipate a slow and steady growth of quality locations. If you buy from your local big box store, do you 

buy tax exempt since you are reselling the candy and collecting tax then?


Thank you for any and all input!



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I don't know the laws in new york except that you must give all oc your money away to the government for taxes.

Jokes aside, you can generally get a tax exemption if you have a FEIN. The FEIN is your federal tax number which you can only get when you register a business as a resale business. In ohio, snacks are not subhect to state sales tax so it's not even necessary but they might be in NY.

Talk to a CPA or even a convenience store owner. They would know what you need to know for snacks.

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