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Winter is finally leaving us


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It should be interesting to say the least. Rain, in the low 40's, maybe some early morning ice. Good thing it's AWD.

They let you run the course even if it is raining!


Do you run a different tire in the rain? 


Does it have a turbo?


​Does it have a radio?


How big is the course or what is the name of it.


​I got to do the Richard Petty driving school in Atlanta, eight laps following a instructor up to 145 mph if you kept up with him. My average around track was 138 mph, not to shabby for 1/4 mile drag racer.  ;D 


Have fun!

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I autocross in my daily driven street car. It is just a NA Impreza with no turbo. We run at an old AFB airstrip and due individual timed runs through a short course that last 60-90 seconds. I will be running different tires this weekend as it is supposed to be heavy rain other then that it is HP Summer tires. I stay in the street classes so I don't go crazy with mods.


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We have a track in Pierre Part that has a road course in it.


The place is called No Problem Raceway.


Of course that is where they film Swamp People.



On summer nights the skeeters can carry you off!

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Coulda been but we got cancelled at the 11th hour due to the possibility of freezing.


Man, I hate to see things happen like that!


Good to see they came to their senses!



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