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how much are these parts worth?


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Someone confirmed on another forum that these parts were from 1800 vending as you can see in the images I even had the cat helping me try and figure it out. Anyway I have a number of parts off of some broken vending machines I got at work and am doing some garage cleaning and not sure what they are actually worth. I appreciate any help I can get determining a value for these items.





I have multiples of each piece, I had about 10 machines that were badly damaged, most the plastic was garbage. I salvaged the mechanical parts and the decent tops and bottoms from them intending to sell them at some point. As far as condition, the mechs and wheels are dirty. The wheels have a grungy dirtyness that I assume is just from the candy or other foods they come in contact with. some of the gold coloring on the metal is scraped off in spots but its not bad, I didn't keep the parts that were badly scratched (which was most of the large pieces)


6 metal tops

3 of the metal bottoms

9 little covers/doors for where the candy comes out

9 coin mechs

3 of the gumball style wheels

5 of the other type (assuming bulk candy)

4 locks

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I run 1800's and considering the condition of the parts (i.e. the underside of the lid looks corroded) and you're description of quite a bit of debris stuck to the coin mechs) they'd need to be completely disassembled, washed, shot of mech grease, hmmm...


Assuming $30 to ship all of this, Ryo you would be doing well to pocket $30-$40 for everything. There's not much of a market for bulk parts that are not in excellent working condition.   

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