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New to the forum and to Vending


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Hello everyone,


recently I purchased a vending route of 9 (1 800 vending machines) three heads for 2000.00

this route has been doing pretty well about 500 a month; only attend to it once a month.


I also purchased another 19 machines (18 of 1 800 vending machines) and (1 5ft gumball machine) for 3000.00

They all should be in location within a week making $$$


I also will be purchasing 47 more machines (1 800 vending machines) three heads for 2300.00

Im really proud of this one, due to these machines are in good to new condition and I will be buying them for 49.00 each.

I will be putting these in location within the month!


My plan is to built this up to 100+ machines so it can make 3000+ monthly; so I can take my gf out of her 9-5 job.



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