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Replacing Vend Motor Royal 650

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If you need a motor for this machine, send me a PM and I can ship you one.


To replace one you will need to empty both the front and rear columns as there is a common rod running through both rotors.  Pull the long metal cover off the front of the stack to expose the caps of the rods.  Pull the rod all the way out from the two rotors and set it aside.  Cut any wire tie holding the front motor wiring and then disconnect the front motor from the harness.  Tip the back end of the front rotor up to disengage the motor locating pin and then push the front of the rotor down to remove the rotor assembly. 


Pull the bad motor off and install the new one.  It doesn't matter what position the motor and rotor are in.  Reinstall the rotor assy by reversing the removal procedure.  Slide the rod into the front of the stack and work it back into the vend rotors by lining up all components, then work the rod to seat it in the hole in the rear stack.  The rod head should be flush with the front stack or you don't have is seated.  Connect the new motor and secure the wiring harness with a wire tie.  


Perform a vend of the front motor to ensure it works, tapping on the delivery chute to stop the vend cycle.  Now refill your columns and make some money. 

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