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Gravity 2 hill best locations

Pete Schweddy

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I have a gravity 2 hill machine and I'm wondering what are the best locations to go after to place this type of machine in?


What is an average commission to pay out on these machines because I don't want to over pay on commissions?


Also what the average payout on the bonus prizes so I can figure that into costs?


This is my first amusement style machine so any and all suggestions will help.

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anywhere kids are. the more kids the better and younger kids more the older kids

pizza, burger joint, skate rink, birthday party place, mall, game room

many people split the money differently depending on the location and if you have other equiooment there.

The split should be the same as you would for a bulk vendor or crane game.

a 3 way split is common. 1/3 to the location, 1/3 to the owner operator of the machine and 1/3 to replace the toys won

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that really depends on location more then anything.

more people through the door usually equalls more in the coin box.

also depends on price you set game to play (I recommend 50 cents)

type of prizes offered in game, ease to play and win and

other types of equipment in the location.

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