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Vendo V-407


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I have a Vendo V-407. The tag says 01C - 3928 - BB - V407. The serial number is 1MF - 076087.


The compressor fan is making a lot of noise. Is it practical to try and change it from the back of the machine or am I better off to pull the refrigeration deck out and change it. 


Does any one know what fan motor I will need? 


Can anyone link me to a manual for this machine?


Thank you, Ted

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You can easily change the fan motor by pulling the cooling unit part-way out from the front of the cabinet and the manual won't do you any good.  Here is the link anyway: http://www.vendoco.com/Documents/UNV%201%20COMMON%20PARTS.pdf (Univendor 1 with rotors under each column), http://www.vendoco.com/Documents/Quick%20Vend_WHOLE.pdf (Quick Vend models with "lowering shelves under each column."


First remove the clamp that covers where the freon lines go up into the cabinet and then remove the screw in the front of the compressor base. 

Work it out until you have full access to the fan from above it. 

You will see two phillips/hex screws holding the fan bracket to the base. 

Remove the screws (they might be real tight) then find the fan wiring connection. 

There will be two connections with three wires in each - one to the fan, one to the compressor and one to the cooling unit plug. 

Cut only the fan wire about 4 inches away from these connections so you have enough wire to reconnect the new fan.

Remove the fan and take it with you when you get a new one so you can get the same rotation in your new motor.  You can get a replacement at Grainger or Johnstone Supply.  You will need a 9 watt motor.

Transfer the fan bracket and blade to the new motor making sure the orientation of each stays the same.

Install the assembly onto the base and secure with the two screws. 

Safely run the fan wire under the compressor and to the two old wires. 

Cut the fan wire to a proper length with a little excess and connect to the old wires with crimp connectors.

Secure any loose wire away from the fan blade with a wire tie.

Slide the unit back in the machine making sure the rear edge slides onto the locating tabs in the back of the cabinet.

Install the compressor base screw and the cover over the freon lines.


Plug the machine in and you're ready to go.


There is a possibility that if your cabinet base has a lip on it, your cabinet bottom might bent up from previous moves of the machine causing the condenser to not want to come out due to a tight fit.  In this case you'll have to use a pry bar to get the compressor base out.


If you don't have a source for the motor send me a PM and I'll send you one.

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Just got back from changing this fan. Everything was exactly as you said it would be. It was like you were looking in my machine while you were writng about it. There were no surprises at all, other than I forget to take my can of Mar connectors and had to make a quick trip to the hardware store.

Thanks again for all the help. It makes things a lot easier when you go in with a blueprint of what to expect.


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