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Bill validator/changer trouble

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I am having trouble with my vendo 190 univendor. It accepted a dollar bill 30 minutes ago and have correct change. The next person that tried to use it could not get it to accept a dollar and the quarters just went straight to the change return. I am working with some old equipment this is a very low volume location and hopefully an easy fix. MARS VFM-L1-U2CS and a Mars TRC-6800H. Please save the day!

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Hi, I would suspect that one of the motor brake is failing, and one of the motors has coasted past its home position. If that's the case, you will need to clean the gummed up brake assembly really well and it should resume vending.

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This has some possible causes.  This means that your vend circuit is open somewhere in the machine.


  1. A jammed column caused by a jammed can.
  2. A failed coin mech.  Unlikely but possible.
  3. A loose coin mech plug, common on some Vendo models.
  4. A loose wire in the selection panel.
  5. A bad motor switch on one motor, likely the motor that was last vended.
  6. A bad brake on the last motor vended that left the motor not home.  (What jerry1973 referred to)
  7. An open circuit in one of the harnesses.

If this is an all-rotor machine, the home position refers to the two motor switches.  The longer switch arm will be on the night side of the motor cam and the shorter switch arm will be in a notch in the motor cam.


If this is a "lowering shelf" machine there might be a relay to reset on the individual column.


Good luck, hopefully the problem is easy to find.


PM me if you need any parts for it.

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