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Anti-Tilt Measures

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Bought my first royal machine.

Closing a deal with a location in an apartment soon.

What are measures to prevent tipping of the machine?

I see some machines are "attached" to the wall or bolted to the ground.

How do I do these things? Links are appreciated. I will purchase necessary items.

Thank you

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You can bolt the machine down to concrete.  Soda machines generally have a couple of open holes in the front edge of the cabinet bottom that are used for bolting the machine down.  You will need a hammer drill, masonry bits and then some Red Head fasteners that you will drive down into the holes you drill (blow the dust out of the holes first) and then with washers and nuts you will bolt the machine down.  Be sure you don't use Red Heads that are too tall so that they don't catch on the door as you close it.

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