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Vendo V480 error


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ER3 on your display is "Door Left Open 1 Hour."  This means you either had the door open for a really long time while loading it or you didn't get the door tight enough to make the door switch the last time you closed it.  You might also have a faulty door switch.  The switch has a metal plunger and should be mounted on the logic board box in the door.  With the door open and something like this error on the display, press and hold the switch plunger in.  You should hear your validator stacker cycle and the display should change and go into the normal vend display.  If so, then your switch is good and you left the door open or too loose. 


Warning: you shouldn't need to crank the T-handle down super tight to get the door switch to work, so if that is what it takes you need to check for a bent logic board cover where the switch is mounted or a dented surface of the inner door where the switch plunger contacts it, or a bent inner door hinge.


If you have corrected any issue or can't find a reason for the error, then you need to erase it to see if it returns.  To erase the error:  While ER3 is on the display, press the mode switch one time (top button on board) and then hold any selection switch for 2 seconds.

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