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New and needing information


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A contract is only as good as your willingness to enforce it.  If you are only going to place one, or even a few, used machines in small locations (what you as newbie are likely to get) then there's no need for any contract or agreement.  This business is oftentimes only a handshake business.  As long as you do what you say you will do then you keep the account.


If you're speaking of a contract between you and a locator, good luck with that as most locators aren't even going to be based in your area.  They usually use phone contacts or they will drive or fly in, find a few possible locations for you, and then leave.  There are many, many threads on these forums about the trials and tribulations of using locators.  Do some searching and find out if you might be better off finding your own accounts (you usually are).

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