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Vending Options for Laundromat Supplies


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I've come in contact with a laundromat who needs a soap machine. 


I found a site that sells a 4 option soap machine for $589.


I don't want to post the site for spamming purpose. 


100 packs of varying brands of liquid fabric softener, dryer sheets and the sort of stuff you need to do laundry is averaged out to $36 each.


What do you usually charge for laundry detergent and such? What is the standard commission?

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Check your local Craigslist, it might have cheap soap machines

post a pic of the machine or the site so we can evaluate the deal

also, you could re purpose an old snack machine for this, it has a bill val, and more seletions, also more repair help and part available

as for prices, probably .75-1.25

also, where is the soap that cheap

PS the policy is if you don't own or contribute to a site, you can post it

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Here is the site with the prices.




Check yourself




This second site looks like it costs less per box.


But with the machine holding 23 boxes per selection, and 4 selection, that means ill have to be there every other day filling the soap machine!


I will be putting a snack machine in a few laundromats a friend owns, and might just place the cleaning supplies in the snack machine. I don't think putting detergent at the bottom should effect the taste of the food.

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even though it might not affect the taste, you dont want some numbskull eating it

id do a dedicated snack machine, those hold like several hundred items

plus they have a bill val

thanks for the sites

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Whether the product is sold from a soap dispenser or a snack machine, there's nothing to prevent anyone from eating the soap.  I've seen many snack machines using a snack shelf to sell the soap from.  This is much better to sell the products than a wall mounted machine that is easy to break into.  The only drawback is that your machine will always smell like soap and softener when you remove it from the location and your candy might pick up the odor.  Why not sell the soap machine to the laundromat and sell him the product?  It's not a very good laundromat if the owner is too cheap to buy a machine that he can sell soap from.


I just sold a snack machine to a new laundromat owner who didn't even have a bill changer in the place.  His customers had to go next door to the water store to get change for his machines.  The Coke machine in the laundromat didn't even take bills.  Just incredible!  So he bought a new $400 bill changer from Seaga (yuck - you can imagine the quality of that thing) and bolted it to a wall sideways.  Then he hand writes signs directing people to the bill changer.  I guess if the customers can get change and use his machines it doesn't matter how bad it all looks.  Now he just needs to repair the half of his laundry machines that are broken.


As to the subject of insurance, you don't need to waste money on insuring your machines as there isn't enough value in one to warrant the cost.  You do want to carry liability insurance though to protect yourself from numbskulls who do stupid things that get themselves hurt.  This should be a $1M policy with a completed products endorsement.  Speak to a good insurance broker for information.

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So he bought a new $400 bill changer from Seaga (yuck - you can imagine the quality of that thing) and bolted it to a wall sideways.

Probably one of the coffee inns ones that are on Antares mechanicals and have the cheap pos cam locks
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