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USA Technologies Card Reader Deals


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This is an email I received from USAT today.  It's time-sensitive so you need to react to it soon if you want to take advantage of their offers.  (Boy, it's easier to read here that it was in my email inbox)


"I have some very good news about a host of new immediately available products and services from USA Technologies which can dramatically impact your bottom line. Here are the incentives and the immediate impact they can provide. Please note that you can combine incentives and that they apply to orders placed by June 25th with shipment by June 30th:

I.) Four New ePort Incentives:
Incentive #1 - No Monthly Fees On Jump Start RentalUnits For Up To Twelve Months
Summary: Place an order for a total of 20 or more units and on half of your order you receive the standard 60 day installation grace period. On the other half of the order you don’t pay monthly fees for up to 12 months, regardless of when the units are installed (please see table and example below). In addition, you can also choose to deduct the activation fees from your EFT over one, four or six months!
Benefit to you: You can save hundreds or thousands  of dollars in monthly fees while increasing your net operating profit from expanding cashless to second and third tier accounts.
Jump Start Rental No Monthly Fees
Order this many total units:    On half of the units,  you receive:     On the other half of the units you receive the following bonus:
20 to 49    •    Standard 60 day installation grace period     •    No monthly fees for FOUR months
50 to 99    •    Standard 60 day installation grace period     •    No monthly fees for SIX months
100 to 199    •    Standard 60 day installation grace period     •    No monthly fees for NINE months
200 to 499    •    Standard 60 day installation grace period     •    No monthly fees for TWELVE months
500 +    •    Standard 60 day installation grace period     •    No monthly fees for TWELVE months
•    Plus $10 off activation fee

Example: If you order a total of 100 Jump Start Rental units: on the first 50 units you receive the standard  60 day installation grace period. On the second group of 50 units you pay no monthly fees for nine months regardless of when the readers are installed!

Incentive #2 – Free Two-Tier Pricing On Direct Purchase Or Jump Start Rental Units
Summary: We will waive the normal set-up fees for two-tier pricing on any Direct Purchase or Jump Start Rental  order.
Benefit to you: No cost to implement two-tier pricing. You can quickly and easily improve cashless profitability by rolling-out two-tier pricing.
Incentive #3 – Percentage Based Monthly Fee Option on Direct Purchase Units
Summary: It’s your choice on how the monthly network fee is calculated on Direct Purchase units for the first 12 months: choose from either the flat monthly fee or a percentage of the cashless sales.
Benefit to you:  You can now  deploy units on accounts where you don’t know what the cashless sales will be. If the cashless sales are low the fees are low. If the cashless sales go through the roof, you can always change to the flat rate.
Incentive #4  Free Shipping And Three Free High Gain Antennas On Any Direct Purchase Or Jump Start Rental Order Completed Within 24 hours
Summary: Just return the docusign quote and agreement within 24 hours and we’ll provide free shipping and three free high gain antennas Benefit to you: Save hundreds or more in shipping costs and score some free high gain antennas! How easy is that?
II.) New Integrated Payment Services
Summary: USA Technologies can now be your single payment service provider for all of your cashless processing, not just traditional vending, in the following areas:
- Back Office/Online Payment
- Mobile acceptance
- Micro Markets
- Dining-Food Service
- Traditional vending
Benefit to you: We will reward you for moving all of your cashless payments to USA Technologies with highly competitive rates and a rebate (up to $30,000) based on the volume of your transactions. In addition to the rebate, the benefits to you include the ability to leverage processing rates, reduce your accounts receivable, view all transactions on the USA Live website, and utilize the MORE pre-paid and Loyalty card program across all your cashless payments.
Not only is USA Technologies the only cashless provider to offer the above programs, we are also the only provider to offer you:
•    The ISIS Fifth Vend Free promotion through the end of the year – your consumer gets every fifth vend free while you get 100% reimbursement of the vend price!
•    MORE Pre-paid and Loyalty Card – - you can reward customer loyalty, increase sales, and increase account retention with this powerful innovative program which can be used across all your cashless payment applications.
•    Deployment Planning and Assistance – with over 250,000 connections to our network, processing over 1 million transactions daily, we know where cashless makes sense. We can help create your cashless road map to maximize your returns.
•    Easy to install, reliable, and immediately available hardware. Cashless is all we do!
Thank you again for your business and I’ll be calling you this week to review each of these programs in more detail so we can start saving you money and generating more profit to your bottom line!
Best Regards

Jon Finkbeiner
Regional Sales V.P. - Eastern Region
USA Technologies
Cell: 203-240-7167
email: jfinkbeiner@usatech.com
website: www.usatech.com"

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I would like to add a note to this. "Edge" model units are now replaced with G-9 units. G-9 comes in two parts instead of one. The outer mounted one is same as "Edge". Other one is placed inside machine. I have been told, the reason they have changed, is increased use of smart phone apps to pay direct from phone,. So the same model that might be on your other machines will not be available. The new purchase price quoted is about $275.

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The only downside so far that I have found on USA Tech, is they still don't have a deal with MasterCard Debit cards....so if you have a customer base or banks that primarily use MasterCard Debit cards, then be warned. I am disappointed USA Tech doesn't make that clear when they are promoting their products.

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