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Possible Purchase of Small Route


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Hey everyone, I have had someone contact me about selling a small full line route. There are 6 maches, 2 located, 2 unlocated, 1 parts machine, and one that has never been used but has a jammed lock... so 6 machines.. 4 working. The machines are older mechanical snack soda combos according to the owner. Sounds like a good deal but wanted some input before jumping in.

The two located machines make $100-$175 every two weeks according to the owner. Machine sells cans, and they are priced at .75. One location is serviced every 1-2 weeks, and the other is serviced is 3-4 weeks.  Both locations are within 10 miles apart... about 15 miles from me. He is asking $1250 for everything, just wanna know what you guys think.

His description:

The machines are two separate pieces attached together.

The top half sells snacks and candy - 3 slots for bagged snacks and 6 slots candy bar size.

The bottom half  sells soda cans – 5 slots for soda and about 30 cans per slot.


 Each sections can be priced for any combination up to a dollar.

I also have 3 side attachments for bulk candy.


They each have their own Bill Changers to change 1’s and 5’s into quarters.

Change machine can give all quarters, or a combination of quarters nickels and dimes.


2 machines are currently on locations.

 One  smaller account and gets refilled about every 2-3 weeks. They do sell a lot of soda though.

The other one gets refilled every 1-2 weeks. Another smaller sized account but bigger than the first. They usually sell anything pretty good.

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Mechanical machines are extremely easy to rip off! Unless they are in an extremely great safe honest location. This may not be such agreat deal for you. But if you are just start out they are a step up from honour boxes.

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  If the numbers are accurate then I'd buy it.You can always change them to electric machines later on . Past experince tells me that electric machines have better sales than mechanical machines.They also accept different coin denominations,better security(no chucky cheese coins:D).


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Couple of things to think about with mechanical machines. Parts usually need to come from the manufacturer of the machine. Do you know who the manufacturer is and have to tried to get in touch with them to check on their support? Also, make sure the validator accepts the "new" five dollar bill. If it doesn't you in essence have a $1 dollar bill accpetor

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