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How to make your Uturn look better (IMO)


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Ok, so after using Uturn machines for the last 12 years I have learned a few things. One of them is that I'm a little on the side of OCD when it comes to how I want them to look for the customer. I am very picky!

So I'm offering my 2 cents worth for other's that use them. I personally won't be buying more, I will be spending money on Oak and rack equipment from here on out unless they come with a route, but here you go....


When It comes to the machine, don't let it get nasty! If you have a yellow machine they do stand out, but they also look like crap if you don't keep them clean (sorry for the bad pics in advance)!  



Also, if your going to use a Uturn, I suggest using wrap around labels so the look like this:    


Here's the reasoning, the little pieces that fall off of the candy in the canister fall down to the sides of the candy or gb tumbler and look like crap. It looks like the machine isn't maintained at all. So they came up with the idea of the wrap around label to cover it up. In the process it made it stand out better, look cleaner and more appealing. 

The original design, didn't have a candy plate, but worked more like the Vendesign (only worse). I will try to add a uturn history thread another day to show the progression, I think I have all of them! LOL


To do this, either purchase them from Uturn, or a better idea is to buy them from one of the members on TVF. I don't remember which one it is, you'll have to look or ask, but anyways..... buy them, 

Attach the left side at the edge and right at the top of the clear thin bottom piece of plastic, put tension on it, then smooth it out. Then turn the canister and lay the next side down keeping it tight, rub out any air bubbles and then trim the left over with a razor knife. 

Then your done!!!!

It looks way more professional, cleaner and more attractive!


I would also get some spring stirrers to put in with any soft or sticky candy like M&I's. 


I would have added more pics, but it wouldn't let me upload them all. Sorry. If you need help or more idea's with them, let me know. I'll do what I can.


Next time I will address the different types of coin mechs and how to stop getting ripped off most of the time any ways (that's besides getting different machines).


Hope this helps, Thanks

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I need to no exactly which ones you have. Square handle, "S" handle, or S with the word UTurn in it. Any of those should be fixed with what I described in another thread. Should be close to this one in the line up.

You probably need a knock out screw.

It could also be that they're using tooth picks as well. Are you finding penny's in your quarters? Or tooth picks? Scratches above where the quarter goes?


Follow that link. Our will show you how to fix them

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Yes, some pennies and nickels too!.  I have the ones on top "S" with the word U-Turn and the bottom "S" without the word U-Turn

Ok, I saw the link, I have 20 that were used and older, so probably didn't have the knock out screw. Will make a note of the ones that have the pennies in them and put in the knock out screws.



Vending in Atlanta

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