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They look good on the website.





Never seen one in person,I would have to travel some where by moondog to see one in person.



I've yet to see one Mike, but then the only machines I ever look at are my own and I sure as hell wouldn't dump that kind of money into any of my accounts as most of my customers can't actually read anyway.  ;D  ;D

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I know I am an OLD CURMUDGEON but I have to crack up at the phase " engage visitors with a truly unique user experience"

Like getting what you want? My experience is people want to put money in or swipe a card and get their stuff, end of story.

Do nice looking machines help? you betcha, Do people want a truly unique experience that holds them up? I dont think so.


As a side note, Stopped at a gas station swipe my card and had to answer what seem like 25 questions to pump gas.

Do you have a rewards card? to would you like a car wash? and a few others, I am yelling at the pump " All I want is GAS 

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I think they run around $3000-$4000.  I distribute for VE and sell their doors, LEDs, upgrade kits, etc.  I asked once about the price on those screens when they were released.  My jaw just dropped and so did my interest when they told me.  I have not stocked them, and probably won't for years.  Canteen is about the only company that can afford them.  I would tell people to go get a Crane Merchant Media brand new if they have that much money to spend on equipment.

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