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Must be some high demand, great job. Keep up the great work. Anyone else that may have coffee issues, don't forget the search function. It works awesome. For instance "no water) you will get some nice hits.




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It is very interesting to see a coffee service forum from the other side of the planet.in europe the general rule is that the coffee service operators (like me for example) we offer mostly espresso pods,and table top units for instant ingredients,not flter coffee units.Coffee vending is part of it but we use small coin validators with no change giving option.Euro coins go as far as 2 euro so there is no need for a banknote reader either.Espresso bean hopper is an option but the service is more demanding and the price of the cup is 20% to 30% higher even for smaller cups .Table top coffee units are not the choice for vending operators they use free standing units with a lot of variety,multypricing beverage menu's,change giving,9oz cups as a standart and main supply water connection.The crisis in europe affected them a lot (less factory accounts with lees staff) but small coffee service companys are actually have more prospective clients who dont qualify for a free standing unit(remember coffee gets stale fast unlike cans.

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