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What ELSE can we vend?

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Ok, so I'm always brainstorming and having this same type of conversation with my cohorts and people in locations I do business with.

Basically the question is, what else can we vend using our same snack machines that would do well in the places we are located?


For example: Recreation centers have swimming pools, gyms, and sometimes ice rinks. How about socks, hockey pucks, swim goggles, nose plugs and such?

What about our schools? The restrictions on what we can and cannot sell is getting stricter by the year. How about padlocks for lockers? Pens and pencils? Someone suggested Google Play cards for downloading apps and such, do kids use them? Also suggested condoms, I don't want to sell condoms in the high school cafeteria, but I do want to hear all suggestions and ideas.


There has to be more we can sell than just candy bars and chips. I'm hoping to get some excellent feedback from you experts, and probably some real dumb ideas too.


I'm focusing on schools, recreation centers, corporate offices, apartment buildings, hotels, every likely place we put machines.

If it matters the machines are the usual make and model AP


Any ideas?


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Bottom line in vending, no matter what it is....


You're free to sell whatever will vend right, people buy, and is legal.  It sounds like you have put some thought into it already, and I think most of things you mentioned would be good sellers.  I personally wouldn't ever sell condoms though.  ;D

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