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Well, I've run all my Numbers.

On average my machines are making $.45 a day.  Per 30 days my average is $13.69 per machine.  Granted my machines are double heads so that means I'm averaging $6.84 per head per month. 

My Monthly Income with 70 machines should be $958.30  

Can anyone relate to these numbers?  I guess I'm a little sad that I'm not up with Caserri's numbers but what can yah do!  I need to start moving my poor performing locations.



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Thanks for your report! your numbers seem to be in line with where you are in your business. I am assuming you have not tried to move any poor performers?

Once you level off on machine count you can spend your time fine tuning your route. I continually move poor performers to achieve the best possible results I can.

You are well on your way.

Thanks again and keep us updated!


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