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Newbie from Vancouver, and looking 4 help


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Hi Guys, My name is Luyz, and I'm about to get into the vending business!.


I've already found an office location (aprox. 30-40 people) and was looking to place a combo machine.


Orginally i was thinking on getting the "seaga HF 3500"...  but then saw a couple of reviews saying that the quality wasn't good? and they brake too easy?


In your years of experience, would you guys say this is true? if yes, then which combo machine do you guys recommend? 


Thank you very much for any input! :)



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Welcome to the forums! The Seaga machines are not well designed, well built or well supported by Seaga. You will be much better off using a combo machine from Automatic Products, Crane National Vendors or even USI. They are all made in the US and very well supported with tech support and parts. They will cost a little more but they are worth it.

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