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Started the process of selling machines to upgrade current equipment!


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Well, today I decided it's time to start selling some excess equipment so I can buy some 2" capsule machines, and clear out some room in the storage shed! 


I've started  going into racks, have already started changing most of the mechs to .50 for toys, and will slowly migrate to more commission accounts.


I have 3 Uturn racks on location and will be adding a 2" capsule to those and then finding a 6 way rack to swap out at a restaurant that I have an 8 Select in with a sticker beside it.


Then if the 4 way racks are still available, I will be buying a couple of those and placing them with the 2 other machines I have left.


As I progress, I may sell some of the Uturn's that I have after I sell off the Vendesign's. We'll see. I like the 4 selection's still, just seeing a point that it's better to used different equipment. 


I've also started to break down my 8's to 4's except for absolutely necessary spots due to tight area and high volume.


We'll see how it goes! I've listened to a lot of the people on here and seen a different view. That's why I came on here in the first place. Thank you everyone for your help. I'm sure that I will need more as I take the transition. 




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