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Hello from Nashville - odd use of vending machines - advice sought


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Hello there everyone 


I've always been fascinated by vending machines and I am hoping to add some into my business soon!  I have a lot to learn as I don't know much about them other than they are a neat!


bear with me I have lots of simple questions - I'll start reading the forums but I'm hoping I might run into a kind soul who can help a new guy out!


We are hoping to dispense small products from a Snackshop style machine mostly as a fun way to interact with our customers - we'll be near by the machine and it will be in a safe location we can see. Hopefully we can get a dependable machine that can be a good partner in the shop.  


So as I start looking I need some general tips on what to look for in a used machine -


I've seen a few Automatic Product Snackshop 111-113 locally - what is a good price for a used machine? I like the look of the older machines but is there a better option or point where things changed a bunch to make things easier to swap out etc. 


They all seem to have bill acceptors which is good because I hoping to sell products for more than a dollar or two.  (ideally $5-$20)


Questions - do these particular machines allow you to set the prices over $10?  is there and upper limit? 


Could I retro fit a machine with a debit card reader from this era? or could I set it to run a special coupon we print and dispense (kind of like paper tokens)


how do you determine what size of products you can dispense from each row? 


Can I get parts for these machines? 

If so where do I find them? 


I saw that you can fit them with soup can dispensers - that's cool!  


any rate


What should I be looking for when I go check out a machine to see if its worth buying?  (Should I expect to try every tray and combo or is there a quicker way to access a machine) 


I found the manual for these machines online already but I suppose I'm new to the game otherwise and hoping not to end up with an expensive paper weight!  


thanks in advance for your help - lots of questions! 













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Welcome to the forums Bruce. 


With all the questions you have you should be searching in the Beverage and Food forum for posts about the AP 110 series of snack machines. 


This model of machine is a very good one and will be dependable with usually only moderate repairs needed over time.  You don't say what you are planning to sell except for your mention of soups so I can't tell you what machine is best suited for you.  Most snacks machines have bagged snack shelves and candy shelves with varying size spirals that allow a variety of products to be sold from them.  This model of machine has very good parts availability from a variety of sources including me. 


The 110 series machine is the last generation from AP that was not using the current MDB communication protocol.  This is only important if you do decide to add a card reader later as those devices require the MDB protocol to connect to a machine.  The AP110 series can be MDB capable with an aftermarket logic board upgrade, of which there are a couple of choices.  I wouldn't even consider that right now unless you know your prices will be high and your customers don't carry the cash needed for purchases.  The machine as it is now can accept $5 bills with a new enough bill validator so you can have that capability right from the beginning.  You will be able to price your selections up to $99.95.


The price range will be from $500 to $1800 depending on the selling source and the condition.

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