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High-End Redemption Games (Keymaster, etc) Startup Questions


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This question goes out to all you industry veterans out there.  
I currently have a small Amusement / bulk vending operation going and I'm looking for the best way to expand my business rapidly in terms of revenue.  My intuition (and many previous posts) tells me that high-end redemption games like Keymaster, Winners Cube, Barber Cut, and Prize Transporter are the best way to go. 
I've read through the vast majority of the posts in the Amusement Vending section and the wisdom here is vast.  Thank you to all the big contributors like Bill Nuts, Dogcow, Roostyr, Ronsidney, Havending, Mainor5251, Jayhawk22, will.vend, and many others I'm sure I'm forgetting.  I've already learned a ton from you guys before learning things the "hard way" and it is sincerely appreciated.  
Specifically I'm curious about the following items which I have not yet seen in other posts:
  1. What is the "lowliest" type of location you would put a Keymaster like machine in?  Obviously malls, movie theaters, & other similar locations work great, but what about say a busy restaurant, or a 99 cent store?  
  2. Related to #1, going after the big accounts like Malls, movie theaters, etc goes without saying but since those can take some time, what would you consider the "average" type of location where you might be willing to put one of these. 
  3. What is the low-end monthly revenue at your lowliest locations (before prizes and splits)?  What types of locations are these?  What is the least acceptable monthly revenue number in your opinions on a Keymaster or similar?
  4. For every $1000 in revenue monthly, how much of that normally goes towards prizes?  I know many of these settings are built into machine just want to get an idea.
  5. For these types of machines what splits are you usually offering locations?  25%, 35%?  On Gross or Net?
  6. Anyone out there using the Impulse Industries Prize Transporter?  How does it compare to Keymaster, Babercut, Stacker, etc.  This seems like a great machine but I haven't seen anyone mention it yet.
  7. For those in CA, does anyone know if there are any important Legal & license considerations to take into account in California for these machines specifically?  I've seen many posts complain about the strict laws in GA for example, just curious if there are any similar concerns in California.  
  8. What is the best way to find and buy used or refurbished equipment of this nature besides Ebay & Craigslist?
  9. Is there a good universal way to install CC readers and remote monitoring on these machines?  Seems like this would be very useful to optimize collections and down-time.  
I feel capable and ready to move into this high-end arena for many reasons not the least of which is that I'm very comfortable around computer internals and electronics.  Thank you Bill Nuts for driving that point home in previous posts! :)  I'm sure I have a lot to learn but I'm a quick study and hungry to get going.  If you have any other important pointers which I might have missed please do share. 
Thank you in advance for your responses.


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