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7 way rack

SeaTurtle Vending

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Alright, while doing a route this saturday one of my loc's had an old 7 way rack. The owner told me he found in a storage facility he won at auction. He asked me to try my keys and low and behold, one of mine worked. I handed him about $25 in quarters that were in there. I also noticed that he had about 1 bags worth of 1" assorted toys left in a couple heads. Being that I happened to be out of that product and still had a head at Walmart to hit I asked him how much for the 1" toys. He said just take them. Sweet! He then offered the rack for $75. If I would have had my truck today I would've tried to get a bit lower and bought it. It has 3 eagles and 1 ram on the bottom, and 3 2" Northwesterns on top. The mechs for the 2" will need to be replaced do to being 25 cents. (dates these bad boys a bit)


I am debating about going back and picking it up. I figure I could resell it for a bit more if I wanted. Any thoughts!


Oh, and it still had some of the wrapped candy necklaces... remember those. yummmm!



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