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June Top Sellers


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1.1" - $.25 vend


Ninja Fighters

Treasure Chest

CA Gold

Grow in Water




1.1"  - $.50 vend


Punch Balloons

Bok Choy Boy

Silver Stone Rings

Glow Sticks ( 2 )

Clear and Cool Rings



2" - $.50 vend


Birthstone Bears

Punch Balloons

Yoyo Balls


Sticky hands



2" - $.75 vend


SpongeBob Yoyo Balls

Adventure Time slap bands

Touch Pen danglers

SpongeBob slap bands

Looney Tunes slap bands



2"- $1.00 vend


Animal String Dolls

DC Hero String Dolls ( back ordered IN CA , not MD )

Puppy Palz

String Dolls, version 1

Eye Poppers, version 1






MLB stickers

Trendy Nalz ( back ordered in MD, not CA )

DC Hero tattoos

NFL Helmets ( stock up now on all NFL ! )

David Gonzales version 2




Self Vending


Self vend mix

MLB baseballs

NBA basketballs

SpongeBob Wacky Rollers

Sport Balls



Plush and Inflatables


Punk Ducks ( Super Hot ! )

5" knobby balls ( solid colors in a box )

Large 50% license

Family Guy 5" balls ( on sale in June )

Small generic $1.10





Loose MP-3's ( no memory )

Red and White headphones

White Crackle headphones

MP-3s , 2GB in a box

MNP4-s , 4Gb in a box



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