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Locating - GREAT experience!

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In receiving a new order of machines several weeks ago, naturally I felt excited; however, in reading through recent VendDiscuss threads for reliable locators, my excitement began turning to worry. Locating, it seemed, was becoming increasingly difficult and even more of gamble than in the past... (And it was a gamble back then too.)


Last week, I started communicating with several locators, hoping that one or two would emerge and I'd be able to share the experiences with VendDiscuss - like we used to with the real-time locating reviews. Ordering locations from different locators and reporting on each of the processes, I hoped, would not only find homes for my new machines, but help point the community toward a few reliable, professional locators.


Last night, after placing an order for three locations with Rodney Angerbauer, I was expecting good things -- but exceeding all expectations, Rodney managed to find high-volume, high-traffic locations for all three of my machines during the course of this past afternoon!


I hope I'm not overdoing it by writing this, but I've been using vending locators to expand my business for years now - and I can't recall ever having a more positive experience... Rodney was professional, friendly, and absolutely worth it.


As the process of locating machines continues, I'm planning to keep on updating this thread - and I'm hoping that others start posting their experiences as well..! Hopefully, this is the start of another upswing for locating - but even if it isn't, this was certainly a great experience.

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Good job

Thank you.

I guess we're just going to open up full tilt for accepting customers.

Unfortunately, we've had to add tougher rules lately due to us not getting paid for a job, but, I refuse to take money upfront.

It seems there is a real need for honesty and locators right now.

I'll post something here in the next week or so.

that way everyone has a way to see our contract and how we do things.

thank you everyone for the praise. Well do our best.

If only he would locate in canada :P

But great job, happy to see!

Sorry, I'm looking into it still. We may expand our lines in the future. I'll let you know if we are able to.

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