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Purchased Dixie Narco :)


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Holy nuggets, moving these beasts is as hard as all the previous threads say.  I got it safely in my garage and didn't break anything.  Now to clean and test it.  No manual.  Not even really sure which model I have.  I think the DN 2145 is the number for the keypad and circuit board.  Sticker says model DN5###.  Another on back that is stamped, couldnt get good picture of says model number 1600C-A, this could be refrigeration.  




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Most likely a 5591.


I have never owned a 5591 but I have serviced a few in the past (as a driver).  They drop to the bottom and slide down into one of the three ports.  The crappy part is that soda is often pretty shaken-up when it hits the bottom and glass bottles can be risky but glass bottles aren't sold very much.


Here is what you need to know (from my limited knowledge).


You must keep the "gates" clean.  Those are the plastic things that hold the product in.  If they don't work properly, your products won't vend properly.  Assuming there is a drop sensor (and it works), if the selection does not vend, it will say "sold out" even when it's not... but that's only when the gates aren't functioning properly (due to stickiness/wore-out).


Keep the slides clean.  It's been a while, but I think the 5591 works just like the 5800 in this regard.  The plastic slides give a smooth (should be smooth) surface for the product to slide down.  There should also be a pusher that helps to "push" the product toward the front.  If the slide is dirty, the product will get hung up or tip over.  In either instance, you will be left with either a sold-out situation OR a ripped-off customer.  The slides usually stay clean for a while but do get dirty after time, so a good cleaning should eliminate problems for some time.  If they are damaged, you need to replace them.  Damaged slides are pretty obvious as the product simply won't slide or falls over every time.


The vendor must be LEVEL!!  This is critical in these machines!  Stack vendors must be level too but everything falls straight down.  These use a sliding method and if it leans slightly back, the pushers won't be nearly as effective.  If the vendor leans too far forward, the products may tip forward.


I hear the boards do have their issues but it's just like anything else.  They are pretty reliable in my opinion.  A lot of people don't like glassfronts simply because they don't want to carry so many varieties of products only to have them go stale.  Furthermore, if a location wants THAT many varieties, it may warrant a better, newer glassfront beverage machine.  I am okay with the 5591's but they aren't that common around here because a lot of vendors hold onto them.


These machines aren't bullet-proof but, with proper maintenance, they can do very well in medium-large size accounts.  I recommend putting fragile items on bottom and tougher items on top.  Put things like bottled juice and bottled water on the very top as well as shorter items that can take the fall (because the very top shelf can only hold very short products near the back of the cabinet, unless you don't mind going about 4-deep on a 20 oz bottle on top).  Put cans on bottom so that they don't bust from the fall.  


This machine was designed to vend pretty much anything that fits between the gates but that doesn't guarantee that it will work flawlessly.  Most people that I know would use the top row for juices and short, non-carbonated drinks.  The 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th rows are all good for 20 oz bottles but many people put cans at the bottom.  I recommend putting only a few varieties of cans in the machine.  They often vend MUCH easier than bottles but you don't want to take away from your bottle sales either.


Do not put this machine in a small account.  It's a big waste of money to do so.  You want at least 50 blue-collar employees or an account that easily does 100-150/week out of a soda machine alone.  If it were me though... I would find a big account (200+/week) and put this in there next to a 501-E or something smaller that vends bottles.  You never know when a glassfront will go out or a selection will stop working.  Having a reliable machine next to it prevents major problems and headaches.

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Based on the labels you have photos of this is a past model 2145 that has been refurbished by DN into a 5591.  Because you have a Mag50 validator in it means your machine is running MDB.  From the front photo and because it's a 5591, I can see you have the updated gates and newer product slides with pushers.  You should have a vend sensor that shines through the recovery unit and hopefully a sensor shining across the machine just below the bottom shelf.  Those two sensors will prevent theft from the machine and, if set up properly, will allow the customer to make another selection if their product gets stuck, or to get their money back if a product doesn't vend.  This is to prevent shaking of the machine by angry customers.  You will need to have proper spacers affixed to each gate for the specific products you are going to vend.  There is a wide variety of spacers and you need to use the proper ones for your products to ensure proper vends.


If you need any parts for this you can PM me as I stock anything you might need.

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The 16.9 oz bottles are a P.I.T.A. in this model. They don't slide very well and usually end up tipping instead of sliding. The 24oz Pepsi bottles are too tall for it also. Other that that, I love the ones I have. I keep a variety of shims in the bottom of the snack machine next to it and try to change up the top row selection monthly. I use the mid section for my biggest sellers like 12oz cans of Coke. The lower shelves I put Gatorade and Snapple.

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What everyone else has said is good advice.. If the delivery chute is open (can't see from pic) and don't have the flapper on them, normally you will see pushon it. Product can be stolen from the bottom shelf easily. They made a kit for them but I don't know if you can still get them. If that is the case then you won't want to load bottom shelf. Or load it with cheap water.


Keeping the glides clean will save a lot of headache. I recommend going to Lowes and get a can of Aerosol Teflon Spray



This dries and won't leave a residue. Do not Armol all it will discolor the glides and collect dirt.


It looks like you scored big. I have seen these go for $1500 in good shape.

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