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Costs % of Revenue

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As promised I looked thru my YTD financial statement and here are my costs as a percentage of revenue.

Product - 46%

Sales Tax - 5%

Credit Card Fees - 1%

Location Commission - 4%

Delivery/Stocking - 1.5% (Use IRS Mileage)

Equipment & Supplies - 3.5% (Hand Truck 7 Misc. machine repair items)

My costs less depreciation/Machine expense is around 61% of my total revenue. Some standardized form of this might be more helpful to compare across companies. GP is subjective since many operators have a different definition of GP and what is or is not included. If anyone else is willing to post there numbers I would be curious to know what you have for product costs and delivery as a percentage of revenue.

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If I use the IRS value of $0.56/mile then my cost to deliver is 8% roughly (AAA is stating it should be $0.66/mile (gas/maintenance/insurance/depreciation/financing) in which case it would be more, of course)  I'm including not just delivery/restock but other leg-work like purchasing machines/ service calls, etc...  My delivery vehicle has been a mini-van and Scion xb and I haven't really been focusing on how efficient I've been in my routing... I can definitely improve.


What vehicle are you using and what are you including in your "Delivery/Stocking" category?  Are you including everything I listed above in parenthesis in your 1.5%?

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You must stop working for free list your hour of labor and price them at market value.

Did you purchase any new machines?

Your machines deprecate every year please list that expense.

I certainly hope you have business liability insurance.

Does your business have any debit? If so list the interest cost.




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