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Digital Thermostat


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Does anyone know how to troubleshoot this digital thermostat that's inside of a Coke vendor? We have a vendor here that cools to 38 intermittently. It was working fine when the machine was installed, however after a few days we received a complaint that the product being dispensed was hot. The vendor apparently was stuck at 80 because it shut off the refrigeration. Thought it was the door switch or something, replaced it but still happening.


This Elstat thermostat has an error code which seems to mean refrigeration system failure from looking online, but I can't find out much more beyond that.


Even the Coke techs are clueless.


Hoping someone with more experience can advise...





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I'm surprised that Coke can't even figure out that it needs to be replaced.  I've never seen that type of thermostat in any vending machine yet, only in glass door coolers and reach in freezers.  If this is in an actual soda machine then why not just replace this with a standard thermostat or a normal temp sensor?  Of course a temp sensor might not work if the logic board won't have pinouts for it but you could certainly install a normal knob operated thermostat.  Even if your machine doesn't have a provision for the cap tube of a thermostat, there is the Rowe cold food thermostat that works by placing the short cap tube in front of the evaporator into the air flow. 


PM me if you need anything for this.

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It's inside a Royal GIII 660 vendor. I should have the parts to put a standard knob operated thermostat in.

Coke's last few machines that they've sent me have had these temperature management systems installed designed to save energy.


Great, except when it doesn't work. And of course, Royal doesn't know anything about what Coke puts into their machines.

They told me to check the rFrg menu on the machine to ensure the setpoint was correct. It's set to 38 there, so it should be fine on the control board.

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