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Need manual (or if you can instruct me) for Gaines VM-750

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Good morning all:

I bought a used Gaines VM-750 to use in my office.  

Everything works but I don't know how to program it, add change, change prices... basically, I don't know how to do anything but eat candies and drink Gatorade.




If you don't have a manual but might know where I can get one, you'd be my best friend.


Thanks all and have a great day!

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Thanks..  I'd already purchased that one before I posted this.  The keypad and display are different.


But I found it.  I literally spent hours searching for it.  You can let me know if you need it and I'll be happy to share.

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They are in PDF format.  I'll get them to you so no one will have to go through that same frustration.

Having to pay for a PDF version of a manual it total bull-golpher! >:D


I believe that you shouldn't have to pay for an electronic downloadable version of a user guide. 


Downloading PDF's should be free & now these two are:

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There is Red service button somewhere on the board, press it once and you'll enter service mode, then click 9 or 0 to scroll through the options, it's pretty simple, slct= individual motor test, prce=price, to go into each selection you press A

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Is this thread still open? I have a vm750 Gaines machine, I accidentally reset the unit now the sold out button says OFF, this means that even if the selection is sold out, the machine assumes the product is still there, the SO switch does not kick in, takes the cash, vends on an empty line, and that's it, it's almost like the forced vend is on, but it's a setting that needs to be turned on, please help

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