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Goodbye Facebook


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This forum is really amazing. Seems like there is a good community with a lot of involvement and it feels nice to be a part of that. Although at this point I am mainly taking and not giving... but I will get a few locations under my belt and maybe a refurb or 10 and start handing out some advice with the rest of em :D

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What is face book?


Not interested!





I just put facebook on my spam blocker - tired of all the people I've never heard of wanting to be my friend (get a life folks)

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I'm tired of everyone asking me to play candy crush


Only games I can play is "Cadillac" "Boray" "21" "Black Jack"


Throwing knives at each other is not a game to play!


I'm like moondog, Get a Freaking Life People!


;D  ;D  ;D

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