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How much is my route worth?

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Has a total of 4 machines 2 pop 2 snack.

Makes an overall total of 300-600 per month

averages 400-450 (that's total sales not just profit)

Can access them at anytime besides one snack machine which can only be accessed mon-fri 9-430

Comes with probably around $200 in inventory

Have had the location for 2 in a half years

Never had any vandalism as there are cameras.

Soda machines are royals and one snacks an AP and i can't remember the brand of the other one.

No commission yet but i believe i might have to soon around 10%

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The model numbers of the machines makes a big difference in value.  Gross sales at the $450/mo number is only $5400 and equates to only $26 per week per machine.  These are slow accounts so your value is no more than the value of the machines.  Get us the model numbers of the machines and we can advise you.

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