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question about coin acceptor on


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Sorry for my ignorance, this is my first machine and am just getting into/figuring these machines out with dba's and change machine, gotta start somewhere right!!!


Anyways, does Anyone have a X-Line boxer machine? I bought one almost a year ago, without a change acceptor even tho it has the cutout, besel and coin box, im just not sure what coin module i can have/use? And where it would plug into?


Thank you guys all very much!!!!


This is there site and it doesnt say.



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The link you poster is the sales data.


You need to find the parts manual, from it you can find the correct part number and order it from the manufacture.


A generic coin mechanism may fit, that you could source at a lower cost.  

I can not tell from the photo you posted.


If you posted close up photos with measurements and told us what coin you wanted to use, we could guess at a generic mech may work.




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