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Came across this posting -




I have asked for the specifics, but any feedback is appreciated.

5 machines for 35k - that's a lot of air. What happens when the owners son wants to take over the vending ( happens all the time)  Aside from the price being high, I wouldn't touch this without at least a three year contract.

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It's not uncommon to post an asking price of 1 year's gross sales.  What you pay, however, should be determined by how solid the account is (contract), the selling prices, the commission rate, are all machines owned free and clear, proof of sales volume over the last 3 years, if machines are undersized forcing you to over service the account, etc.  Unless the seller thinks his accounts are gold or is simply not willing to negotiate, then you should be able to get this for something less than asking price because I guarantee that there will be deficiencies in this offering.  At the very least you should be able to get the product and coin inventory included.  That won't be much of a savings but should be the last card you play.  At least the account grosses an average of $135 per machine per week.  This is a very good average and if you think about it, the coffee machine probably has the lowest gross of the 5 machines so the other 4 would be averaging more than $135 per week.  Now if the coffee is on par with the others and does $135 per week, you will have a terrific profit on that machine due to the typical margin on coffee.

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Its a warehouse with a front office in the same location, 


The parking lot was full with cars, lots of movement in the warehouse.


Machines were in good condition, No dents, scuffs or damage.


The seller said she had filled the machine the day before the walkthrough, and it was already showing some empty coils (taken with a grain of salt)


Overall the location checks out for a newbie like me, 


My biggest fear is that if I lose this one account, I am down 35K - the selling price of the machines.

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