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review for family vending


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hey guys,

     this is a review on family vending (rodney69).


me and rodney were in contact for a short period of time before i decided to try him out. i started with a small order but changed it to 35 machines 1800 tripples. the day after he pulled the list for my area i had 5 locations sent my way! the locations are as followed. i wont disclose locations but will kinda describe the spots.


1. i placed the machine the other day and from the looks of it its going to be a high volume spot. its a huge store with a ton of employees and most of them are teenagers... as soon as i walked in with the machine it started making money, employees were asking about differant candy and were all excited to have it. i put hot tamales, skittles and pm@ms on site. i will go back to see how it is doing in 10 to 14 days and get it set on a proper service cycle from there.


2. placed machine at this car wash convienance store. again a very busy location. the machine is inside the actual store so it gets all of the foot trafic the store gets and this is a very busy spot. i did gumballs, skittles and pm@ms. i will check back in 10 to 14 days to set on a service cycle.


3 placed machine in this stores break room, its a large clothing store. from what i saw it has the potential of doing well but i dont think it will do as well as the first store because they have other full line machines. i used hot tamales, m@ms and skittles but i will be changing the m@ms and skittles out for boston baked beans and mike and ikes do to the fact that the snack machine they have there sells m@ms and skittles already.


4. the 4th location was a garage and they refused the machine because the person who approved it did so without permission from the owner. i let rodney know and he is replacing the location no problem, with no questions asked.. i really like the fact that there is no bs with him if he says he will do something so far he has.


5. the last location is a car wash and detail center and to be truthful i dont think it is going to do well but im giving it a go anyways. i put boston baked beans, m@ms and skittles. i will check back in two weeks to set on a service cycle. 


the best part about how family vending works is i can place the machines before i pay so if there is a problem i can bring it to rodneys attention right away and not have my money tied up until it is fixed. also he offers a one time relocate of any machines that the location is a dud so it makes it so i can place a machine in places like the 5th one listed and see how it does and if its no good it gets relocated.


truthfully i was not to into the idea of paying someone to locate these machines and driving the money i have invested up but i am very glad i did. these guys have been fast, professional and on top of every email and i will continue to use them until i reach my goal of taking over the world lol.


thank you so much rodney and i hope that people see how good of a job you do through this thread so you get a ton more business. i will update this thread as i go so you guys can see the progress.

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Sounds much like my experience with Rodney.

Seems this is not a fluke, Rodney works hard for our money, and deserves a shot if you need a locator.


He also hooked me up with a solid deal on some U-turn parts, thank you very mucho.

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I've worked with 4 locators to date and Rodney is the only one I would recommend. He does everything over the phone and got us locations quickly. I don't know why it's so hard to find more people who locate who are as honest and hard working as he is but I wish all of my experiences were as good as the ones with him!

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I've just placed my third order of 5 locations with Rodney, 10 placed and looking promising. Very refreshing telemarketer experience! I highly recommend he and his staff.

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