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Relationship with manager/owner?

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I have read that it is best to talk to the manager or owner of the business where you place your vending machine / box and get to know them. Perhaps to find out if they have any issues or preferences regarding your service. I have also read that In the honor box business it is smart to just replace the box and get out. Does anyone with honor box experience have any recommendations or advice about what to say (to sort of break the ice) when I show up the 1st time to replace the box? The original pitch to locate the box was very short and simple and no length of time was carefully mentioned. My wife and I basically just told them we were looking to place boxes in the area, and that the boxes benefited the charity we are using. I guess we will fine tune the pitch, or just flat out mention after getting a yes that.. "We would like to return next week to replace the box if that's okay?" What would you say if you had to return in my shoes? I would like to keep these accounts if possible.

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