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Dollar Bill Validator - Uprading to Credit Cards - What type?

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To start off, I am upgrading two of my busiest machines so they have the ability to accept Credit Cards in addition to Cash. One machine is a Barber Cut Lite and the other is a Winner's Cube. I know many members on this forums have these machines and may be able to help.


Currently, the Winner's cube has a AE 2451 in it. It is 115vac. The Barber Cut Lite has a AE 2651 and is also 115vac. I have been looking at the mei 2700 series and USA Tech to process payments. Can anyone reccommend a Credit Card/DBA that is compatible with these machines? I can upload photos of my current setup if that is helpful.



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InOne Iris is set up for a pulse interface.


One swipe will give you a charge to the card and a pre programmed number of pulses.





Thanks for the input. After looking through their products, I realize they are also MDB only. Unfortunately, these machines do not have MDB. They are 115vac. Is there any way I can convert them to MDB? Currently, they are using a 9 pin square connector.

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