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August Sales List- a little late


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Domo figures - $25.50 ( limited amount in Maryland only )

Giant Gem necklaces - $20.00




Domo figures - $29.50 ( limited amount in both warehouses )

Kung Fu Panda figures and tattoos -$25.00

Phurry Phreaks pencil toppers - $28.00

DC Heroes pocket projectors - $50.00

Xoddo small figures - $28.00



Flat Vend


Best of Now stickers - $20.00

Family Guy tattoos - $22.00

Internal Gears and Zippers - $20.00





Family Guy buildable figures-$60.00

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Everything but the DC pocket projectors are vending for $.50. They were always at a $.75 vend. And all of our buildable figures are $1.00 vend, but the Family Guy that's on sale now has a better prick point this month. Normally it's $70.50.

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I was on vacation last week. But why didn't you call you rep., Jason Kovens ? Dude, he was here all week ? Also, we spoke in May when you ordered; I could have sent something to you then. I'll get Jason on it today. Call me, or email me in a week to follow up.

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