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Price for a Route....Advice?


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Hey everyone,


As a buyer, what would be a solid amount to offer for this route?

  • 36 machines on location -- all U Turns (34 are the 8 selection, 2 are the 4 selection)
  • All located on a route with a radius of approximately 15 miles
  • Yearly gross of approximately $16,000, with net of $9,800

I've been reading left and right about how terrible U Turns seem to be, but what would be a legit offer for this route even factoring in the U Turns?


Thanks for any advice!

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Making an offer is entirely subjective, you have to factor in quality of the UTURNS (condition, age), are all or the majority of the locations worth keeping? What is the easiest and hardest locations to get to/service? Has the route been well maintained, what is length of time the locations have been there? What is it worth to you to have this route?

I recently bought a UTURN route that I am very happy with, the machines are the newest that UTurn produced the locations are almost all winners and it made sense geographically. I bought 85 placed and 50 without locations for $12,500 total. On my initial service of this route I pulled out over $4,000, that was tempered by the fact that I needed enough product to service 84 UTURNS...but that is a factor also, what additional $ will be needed for initial and follow on service. Please let me know if you have any more specific questions.

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I appreciate the comment, and I know that something is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it (as the old saying goes), but I'm really just trying to get some numbers vending vets would start forumating after seeing the stats I gave above. Not an exact amount, but a ballpark. Of course, there are numerous variables that an individual is going to have to take into consideration that are specific to him and his pricing, but surely the stats I've given would get most people's valuation gears turning. Thanks again for the comment, and look forward to hearing any other comments!

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Ok, sho they're is a couple things to look at for them, a good deal would be 10 months gross receipts for the route, upwards of even 1 years worth. But that is easy to high. I usually don't buy anything that I can't pay off with in 1 year from the profit of the route, and a good deal would be 6 months gross receipts.

Quality of the equipment is key! How they have been taken case of and so on. Also several years of taxes would be ideal. Uturns are a tricky machine. You have to have the locations for them. Ska got a killer deal and those are rare.

Ok eBay uturns are going for about 100 to 125 for an 8 selection and 60-80 for 4 selections. That's good ones.

I've been running uturns for 12 years, make sure you know for sure what year they were made.

There is a stamp on the body of every uturn I've ever seen that has the last 2 numbers of the year they were manufactured in. It's under the coin boxes.

There are pithy ways to tell if they are older than 10 years old to....

if the coin mech handle doesn't have the word UTURN in raised lettering on it, it's more than 12 years old, and not worth anything. You would have to replace all of the mech's worth in a year of good use.

the bases free of dust is another must.

Parts are not cheap. I can at times get them cheaper for people, but not always.

I'll say this.... A double head sells for about the same or more on craigslist and eBay for quality ones, so keep that in mind when buying. If the area can support them, they can be great machines. If not, you'll regret it.

on the price, I would offer 5000 and see what they say, ONLY IF THE MACHINES ARE NEWER, they are already 1/2 full with no fading of the candy and all candy fresh.

that would be everything in sweet condition and perfectly clean.

Basically, proof of taxes or receipts as well.

I would pay more, but that's what I would offer and in payments.

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