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Found my triple-head machine for sale on Craig's List


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I was browsing Craig's List last night looking for gumball machines when I saw an ad selling one of my triple-head machines.  I recognized this machine as the one being stuck inside one of my pizza locations that closed down.  The ad reads as follows:



Candy/Gumball/Toy Machine!!! - $250 (Cumming)

I just bought a pizza shop in Cumming GA. There is a candy/toy/gumball machine that needs to go!
It has some writing on the top of it and I don't have keys to the top but I will sell it for cheap.
You will make your money back on it if your selling candy out of it. Price negotiable.


I called the guy selling my machine and set up time to meet him today at 11:00 AM.  I parked my truck and saw that he had my machine outside.  I walked up to him, handed him my business card, demonstrated that my keys worked in the machine and told him that it was my machine.  I took the machine and placed it in the truck.  The guy looked surprised (and disappointed that he didn't get any money) when I put it in my car. 


I asked the guy why he did not call me since my contact information is prominently displayed on the back and front of the machine.  He said, "This is my first business. I didn't know what to do."  He asked how does the vending thing work?  I explained that I come by every 60 days to refill the machines and pay the owner 30% commission.  He seemed interested in having me place a machine in his pizza parlor so I told him I would call him when he gets ready to open in September.


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