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1 Year with New Toy Taxi... Coast to Coast Hot Stuff...


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10 Coast to coast cranes


5 Toy Taxi

5 Hot Stuff


Eight 31 inch    Two 38 Inch



Been a long year with these units.


I purchased these new


first thing I did was change all the locks from factory to my key-code


I added 10  2400 series Mars D.B.A

Screws included are too short had to go to hardware store or swap screws with coin mech.

Had to re-route door wire harness to add the Dollar bill accept-or


All went on various locations and have been working everyday.


Now for the Problems I have encountered      


Both 38 Inch cranes   the UP/Down  claw motors failed.


Makes me worried about the other 8 motors..



I replaced them with mechanical roll down type..


1 38 toy taxi  (same up down motor blew again)   turns out to be a bad board   swapped the board and a motor .

Several service calls... 1 for the coin mech...  1 for the up down motor.... once again for the up down motor... and then the motherboard... then one for the lights inside..

almost lost me the location...



31 Inch hot stuff   blew a fan on the power supply.  


Two 31 inch the lights inside blew their transformers 


Would I buy again?


NO.  at least not without the stage 2 controller but that puts them in a different price bracket of cranes..



I have purchased other cranes over the year and have had

NO issues.. with


Smart Candy crane..   Tilt sensor was a bit sensitive from stock but not their fault

Coastal's Candy shoppe   No problems  (But turn off attraction mode   wears on plastic wall insert.)









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Rainbow to me is the crane of choice and can be bought used cheap with Mar's bill heads already installed. That's 80% of my cranes on location and they are rock solid. Over the past five years all I have to do is change the string and new bulbs. They are a very well built cranes.

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Good to know.  Doesn't seem to be any really good crane companies out there.  If you are going to run cranes you are going to run into issues.  It is just a matter how many issues.  Best (new) cranes I have bought in the last year or so have been the ones from Impulse.  They are pricey but any issues I have had have been minor.  


I have some older cranes out there though that just keep on going.  They are ugly as sin and look dumpy but they keep on keeping on.  

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I have never had an issue with my smarts. They are out and they keep on going.

Smart imports?  I have heard the domestic Smarts are tanks but most of my imports eat up power supplies.

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