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usi 3504 coin cup, door, bezel installation


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If you already have the new parts the change out is easy.  You will need a nutdriver with a socket that fits the nuts on the trim.  Remove the four nuts and save them.  As you take the coin return apart you need to pay attention to how you have to move the pieces to remove them.  You should only need to push the trim studs out from the backside, then pull the coin return cup off the door.  The flapper sits in notches in the edge of the cup and will come off.


To reinstall, set the flapper into the cups notches.  There might be a formed lip on the front edge of the cup that slips over the bottom edge of the door opening, then hold the cup up against the door while you push the new trim studs through the holes.  Once the studs are through the door the cup assembly should stay in place while you start your blind nuts.  On new studs you should use pliers to hold the nuts so you can get extra torque to cut into the plastic.  Once you get a nut started, use your nutdriver to snug the nut down.  Don't over tighten the nuts, just get them snug and then make sure the trim isn't loose on the front of the door. 

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