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credit card readers


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Hey guys,


I'm not normally chiming into the snack and soda side of vending forums,mainly cause i tried it years ago but i ended up leaning more with amusements and went that direction.


but ...I know you guys use alot of credit card readers on your machines, much more than amusement operators so i would like some guidance.


I already have eports on some of my higher end merchandisers like barbercuts and keymasters and i have the wireless ones at 2 bucks a swipe.. unit rental is 14.95 total a month and that includes the verizon aircard for the units.. then i got a 10 cent swipe fee and a percentage of swipe amount also..


These work great for me mainly bacause of the reporting everyday of how much money i made etc. and the fact that the are not necessarily getting any thing other than a play on machine, so product costs is not such a big deal.


I am wanting to put some machines out at lower vend price and want to use credit cards only, no cash in machine, like a redbox ..


What are my options for a cheaper unit? less rental per month? less fees etc...


i appreciate any help you can give me and im quick to return any help i can offer also.



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I don't think you'll find any solutions that are cheaper to use than what you have now.  The fees you're paying are very typical of all providers, depending on promotions, etc., and the fees are usually dictated by the card companies.  If you already have a solution that works well for you, you're probably better off continuing to use it.  The units that USAT is selling now are the G8 units with their own modems.  Perhaps that's what you're using now?  They have discontinued production of the original Eports, I believe.

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I have USATech Devices that you are currently using and also recently started using Cranes Navigators which I have had alot of problems with in the beginning and very little support but now that they are working I like them and it costs less then the USATech devices upfront and a smaller percentage per transaction .


Crane is charging me 5.2%   compared to the 5.9 % that USAtech is charging

the monthly fee is 12.95 with Crane

and it was 49.95 for each device upfront


I still think the USATech is a much better product right now but crane is updating things constantly so I feel in the next couple of years they will be as good as USA

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I installed 2 machines (pop and snack) in a new location about 2 weeks ago.  My first venture into credit card readers.  I have USA Tech.  They are $7.95/month each plus the 5.9% fee.  I went with two tier pricing that costs an extra 75 cents a month per unit.  This means that when someone used a credit card they are charged 10 cents more than the item price. I wanted it to be 5 cents but I guess it's automatic.  They only offer 10 cents.


I don't want to charge that fee but I figured that with the monthly fees, etc that I have to.  I don't know what the volume of this place will be.  Right now it looks like the volume isn't where it needs to be to offer just one price.


It's a cool unit.  Very simple to get started and I can log in at any time to check on sales.  Even shows what items have sold, whether it's bought by cash or credit.


We'll see what the blowback is on that two tier pricing.  I know people are not used to it with any other transaction so I may be forced into removing it.

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