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Best Sites for Output, and Contract Questions

The Jackrabbit

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Hey guys getting my first gumball machine in a few days and I was wondering what sites have worked the best for you guys thus far. How do gas stations fare? I know laundromats would probably do well. Any other places that I should be on the lookout for?


Secondly is the matter of actually "selling" the business owner on letting me set up shop. Do you guys write up contracts for the (renter?) of the space? Is there any tried and true methods that might make the startup conversation go smoothly? 

Thanks in advance,

-The Jackrabbit

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I personally have never used contracts. In my area other vendors have ruined the idea because they get stuck in them and bad vendors. If it's charity, what contract would you use? Charity is based on their idea that they are helping the charity. Why would they sign a contract for that?


If your doing commission, then that might be a little different.

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